Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Essential parts of a good Small Business plan

Do you have a great business idea and eager to write it down? Are you scared you may not have the necessary skill to write a business plan? Carefully read on.

Your business idea may not sell if it's unwritten. If you have been thinking of what to do with that beautiful idea, kindly take the next step toward success by writing it.

A good business plan could perform magic. Investors will only invest in a small business or start-up if the business plan is convincing enough.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

10 Reasons why Small business should bootstrap

The biggest challenges faced by small business owners is start-up capital. Many great business ideas never come into reality due to funding related issues.

However, the unpredictable success of few high tech start-up is revolutionalizing small business funding.

Small businesses are now widely funded by Angel investors and venture capitalists. Even developing countries have subscribed to small business funding paradigm with moderate Angel investors network.

5 Reasons why small business fail at raising venture capital

Do you have a small business but unable to attract investors? Have you given up trying? Read on. This article might be of help.

Venture capitalists(VCs) are investors with the primary aim of making profit from their investment. The venture fund contibutors will never contribute to any outfit if it's established that there wouldn't be return on investment.

A smart investor critically access The investment options and choose the best alternative.

Friday, 4 March 2016

5 Success secrets of a serial Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneurs build and sell successful businesses. They are the founders of some of the world's most successful brands.

Serial Entrepreneur is a talented entrepreneur that doesn't has  special interest in building business empire.

People seldom hear about them neither do they have large social media followers. Most of them are not among the most influential men on earth.

How Small Business can attract Angel Investors

The main challenge small business owners faced is business capital. Hundreds of wonderful business ideas and business plan remain largely unfunded.

Most commercial banks have made it clear to start-up that they can't help. Based on research, most small business start-up is funded by owners personal savings and family contribution.

The burden is now on successful entrepreneurs and other interested group to support or fund new businesses otherwise known as Angel investors and vesture capitalists.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

How to attract small Business Grants

Grants is a financial assistance given to small businesses for specific purpose.
Small businesses requires financial support especially at its startup to cover operational expense.

Many financial institution openly avoids any sort of credit facilities to startup because of its volatile nature.

Largest Grants donor includes Government, Non governmental institutions, big businesses and successful Entrepreneurs.

National Government sometime use business grants to encourage entrepreneurs to concentrate on a particular industry.

Best advertising strategy for small business

Small businesses may not have the unlimited resource used in a centuries long advertisement campaign that made Jerusalem the world's tourism destination. 

They may not be able to coordinate decades long multi-channel advertisement by De Beers that makes Diamond the most desirable commodity on earth. 

However, they now have the opportunity to run cheap and niche specific advert with the ultimate aim of closing deals.

6 Powerful tips for successful small business marketing

Marketing entails wide range of activities with the ultimate aims of making sales. Marketing is a strategically planned activities advertising inclusive.

Many small businesses are fascinated about making sales thereby skipping some essential aspect of marketing. Some small businesses can't clearly tell the difference between marketing, advertising and sales.

Based on a recent research findings, about 42% of small businesses which failed said it's is due to lack of market for their products.

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