Thursday, 3 March 2016

Best advertising strategy for small business

Small businesses may not have the unlimited resource used in a centuries long advertisement campaign that made Jerusalem the world's tourism destination. 

They may not be able to coordinate decades long multi-channel advertisement by De Beers that makes Diamond the most desirable commodity on earth. 

However, they now have the opportunity to run cheap and niche specific advert with the ultimate aim of closing deals.

Big businesses with unlimited resources spends big not only on multi channel advert campaign but also on the best advertising agencies. Few small businesses can afford such expense.

It's important to write on the best advertising strategies for small businesses.

I have been able to pick the basic features of the most successful advertisement in recent time.

1. Emotional and psychological
Everyone has emotion which can only be attracted using psychology. Stories abound of people that spend impromptu on items by just watching an advertisement.

De beers lead Diamond business cartel were able to successfully linked Diamond with Romance which automatically means that the best engagement ring most women cherish is Diamond.

Prior to indomie instant Noodle advertisement campaign 'mama indomie', children never bordered their mothers about indomie. However, few weeks into the campaign, children become indomie advocates. They ensure their mum buys indomie.

When Guarantee trust bank(GTB Nigeria) launched their advertisement campaign where an astronaut withdraw money from their ATM in space,  up till now, people can't forget about the advert.

These are the few examples of irresistible advertisement that captures people's emotion.
Small businesses should be able to capture viewers emotion rather than the direct informational or announcement type advertisement.

2. Inspirational
The days of direct advertisement campaign where businesses beg people to patronize them is gradually fading.

People want to associate with brands that is interested in them- inspirational brand.

When MTN Nigeria launched their 2015 'Betterme' advertisement campaign, many of us that are market oriented understood the power of such inspirational message. When the campaign started running on TV, it was a hit. People got inspired- by doing the things they had never done before!

3. Realistic
Irresistible advertisement campaign are realistic. It's highly recommended that small businesses should give life to their campaign, believe in it and makes it powerful.

MTN Nigeria went further to launched and name a new product 'MTN 2015 betterme bundle'. They made the campaign realistic- not just live on TV for a whole year but also Part of their products.

Cola cola shareacocang advertisement campaign didn't just ended on television, they went further to write real names of Nigerians on coca cola bottle. The advertisement was a big hit and the best ever coca cola campaign in recent time.

4. Engaging
The coca cola shareacocang advertisement campaign is a good example of an engaging  advertisement.

I bought a bottle that has my friend's name contrary to my budget. Many people has to look for a coca that has their beloved name written on it to present even on birthdays.
Engaging advertisement enhance two way conversation.

5. Focus on specific niche
A niche is a define or specific group of people. It could be children, women, men, schools etcetera.

Small businesses can run an advertisement targeting specific people or the consumers of their product. The challenge of such campaign is how to locate the most effective platform instead of general platform.

AdWords for example, to makes sales, you have to use specific keywords rather than general keywords.

6. Close deals
The essence of most small business advertisement is to make sales.
The best thing to do is to include a link back to your website or provide contact details.
Use landing page to optimize conversion and close deals.

 7. Track leads
It's very essential for small businesses to track the success of every advertisement.
Even before launching any campaign, it's advisable to put leads tracking mechanism in place for Return on investment purposes.

An effective lead tracking activities also helps in channel choice. Yours might be a local magazine or words of mouth while you may be spending big somewhere.

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