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5 Success secrets of a serial Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneurs build and sell successful businesses. They are the founders of some of the world's most successful brands.

Serial Entrepreneur is a talented entrepreneur that doesn't has  special interest in building business empire.

People seldom hear about them neither do they have large social media followers. Most of them are not among the most influential men on earth.

Some serial entrepreneurs are
1. Andy Bectolsheim was one of the four founders of the Sun Microsystems in 1982. He launched Granite systems in 1995 after building Sun to a multi billions dollar venture. He sold Granite systems to cisco the next year. He and professor David Cheriton founded kealia and sold it to Sun in 2004 and launched Arista Networks that year.

2. Niklas ZennStrome and Janus Friis Started some high profile companies like Skype, kazaa, Rdio and Vdio.

After studying  leading serial Entrepreneurs, I discovered their success secret and how we can learn from them

5 Success secrets of a serial Entrepreneur

1. Leadership by self awareness
Successful leaders are those that are aware of their strength and weaknesses.

I often wonder why someone should build a successful business then sell it. The truth is that serial entrepreneurs are clearly aware of their biggest weakness.

As one of the samwer brothers(Oliver), the three German brothers who made their money mimicking U. S. web companies in foreign countries rightly said in wired magazine 'we are builders of companies, We are not innovators'.

Yes! Serial Entrepreneurs understand that once a company stop innovating, it's dead. Therefore, they have to sell since they are not innovators.
Organisational consulting firm Green peak partners found that leaders that are self aware of their weakness and strength perform better.

2. Focus and Concentration
Serial Entrepreneurs do one thing at a time. Most of them manage only one business at any point in time.
Maybe that is what makes them excellent business builders.
The lesson is that, for maximum outcome, both employers and employees ought to do one thing at a time.

3. Knowledge
Serial Entrepreneurs are knowledgeable in any sector they operate. That makes them very successful.
Knowledge is therefore vital to the completion of any task.

4. Multiple streams of income
Serial entrepreneurs build mutiple streams of income across various industries.
Most of them keep building more streams by funding start-up.
Successful Entrepreneurs are owners of many businesses.
In personal finance, you need multiple streams of income!

5. Willingness to take risk
In most cases it's only a serial entrepreneur that can sell a healthy and growing business.
They do it more confidently with the hope of building another unique business in a different industry.

This significe that the ability to take calculated risk is vital to any individual and entity.

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