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Small business ideas for small town

I am living in a small town within a city. When I relocated to this place, things were very tough for me. I wasn't comfortable because every where seems very dry.

I was doing a full time paid job in a big town close. However, as an entrepreneur, I needed a big place to launch all my business ideas, I want to make money and I Want to make it big!

I became tired and started planning to move out. In fact, I travelled often because this place is too static and my hatred for the small town grew.

I traveled to see a friend, I explained my predicament and he made me look at things differently.
He said "many people are not willing to live in a small town; Fortunately, there are so many business ideas and opportunities there".

I didn't believe initially. However, I decided to explore what he said. I later discovered many small business ideas for the small town. Today, I am discovering more small business ideas daily in this small town and exploring them.

An entrepreneur has no limitation. Most entrepreneurs are successful because of their ability to think outside the box. You seldom hear them complaining about their location. Even, in a small town, they see new businesses.

Small town could be a village,  a town within a city or a big estate. Business in a small town could be rewarding since Competition most cases is less stiff.
Are you living in a small town? Do you actually want to start a business there? How many people reside there?

Building and construction
Look around, is it a new town? If yes, then, they should be building new houses, you can supply building materials, cement, aluminum, blocks or labourers.

What is the passion of the residents?  Football?  you can supply football kits, open football viewing centre and invest in other football related business.

Which school do kids attend? Schools in the nearest big town? or school in the small town? you can start your nursery, primary and junior secondary school. Even an adult school or lessons for people preparing for special exam like SAT, ICAN, ACCA, UTME. In my small town, there is an ACCA lecture center that is enjoying huge patronage even from people in the big town.

Do they have a hotel they? you can start your own hotel, a premium good looking hotel. In fact, I know someone that turned his very big house to a hotel. Did the necessary documentation and business registration. Did some additional packaging and he is enjoying huge patronage.

Are you a medical practitioner? you can start your own hospital. Almost everyone in the small town will need your service. They are many Health specialist needed in a small town. 

Mobile Money
Do they have a  bank or an automatic teller machine(ATM)? If no, you can explore Mobile money options and bring a financial service to the small town.

Farming can be another alternative in small town especially fresh farm produce like vegetable, fruits and perishables like fresh tomato. These products can be sold in the same town or the nearest big town. 
Poultry farming could be rewarding as the end product like meat and eggs is in high demand.

Fish farming could also be rewarding as the farm will enjoy patronage from the small town and the nearest big town

Snail farming could also be rewarding as it will be a major export commodity front the small town.

Dry cleaning and laundry services
Dry cleaning and laundry business will enjoy huge patronage since most cases they are few people offering such service in a small town. With small publicity, dry cleaning business can be run from the comfort of your home.

One of the major challenges faced by people living in small town is its static nature. There is no cinema, no beach, no shop-rite. You can make the small town more interesting by establishing a cinema.

FMCG product distribution
Many fast moving consumer goods companies due recruit dealers that know the locals and can speak their language but you will need a standerd shop.

Cyber Cafe and Business Center
Residents that requires urgent services like cyber cafe, photocopying, printing and passports are most time forced to travel to the nearest big city. With small capital, a good business center could be set up in a small town.

Sim reg business
Many people are forced to travel to the nearest city to get their subscriber identification modules(SIM) activated especially in developing countries that mobile telephone is still growing. This is one small business ideas that cost nothing to set up.

Event Center
Small town residents will also patronize a neat and affordable event center for various occasions such as wedding, meeting and conference.

Waste Recycling
Household waste recycling business is a business that is largely unexplored. Devising a simple model that could turn the waste of small town into money is no doubt a profitable venture.

Fashion and Design outfit
An outfit that specialized in traditional attire of the small town will also enjoy the huge patronage. 
Tailoring outfit that also specialize in school uniform could also enjoy patronage.

Fitness Center
A good gym and physical fitness center will also enjoy huge patronage especially the fact people are now appreciating the health implementation of daily exercise

Charcoal Business
Activated charcoal is used for purifying water and other liquid substance.
Many small town are bless with abundance charcoal which they don't know the economic benefit.

Charcoal business is a big small business idea for small town as it is in high demand in Europe.

Cold Room business
Many small town in developing countries lacks constant electricity supply.

The cold room business has proven lucrative over time. The product(Ice block) helps many small businesses including restaurants, provision stores and frozen food to keep their goods in good condition.

Building a cold room in a small town is a good business decision as it will rarely run out of patronage.

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