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Best CRM for small business

This article is for small businesses that are in search of the cheapest and simplest CRM

Many small businesses are looking for free or cheap crm to use. Even if some small business can afford the most expensive crm, Customization and Simplicity is another big issue.

Choosing the best crm at the initial stage is rewarding because of replacement cost  at later days.

I worked with crm for several years. I believes this review is necessary for small businesses.

CRM technology had progressed from PC based contact management software of the late 80s to database marketing of the 90s and the eventual introduction of sales force automation.

Popular CRM includes Siebel, Oracle, Sap and software-as-a-service(saas).

How to Identify the best CRM for small business

It's highly recommended that every small business should access their own business needs and make choices based on business objectives. However, these are general attributes of the best CRM

* Customer Segmentation
To generate leads, every business requires an insight into customer's spending pattern. Small businesses needs a CRM that can help them to segment their customers for conversion.

*Cloud based computing
Cloud based CRM is gaining momentum as cloud based technology is progressing. 
Unlike big businesses that can pay data management companies or store data on their super computers, most small businesses can't afford such cost.
It's therefore wise to choose a web or cloud data host crm.

* Social media integration
As social media is fast growing, businesses requires a software that will help them manage social media conversation, leads and sales. The best crm for small business should integrate social media platform with other CRM realated platform.

B2B and B2C relationship
Though, there are stand alone B2B crm, it is also important to consider a crm that can manage business to business and business to customer relationship.

Mobile Compatibility
The best crm should also be able to run on high end smart phone.

Quick Customization and simplicity
Some crm takes months to customize especially when it involves a third-party installer which is unnecessary for small businesses.

It's difficult to find a single crm with all these features. However, the best crm should have some of these features.

            Best CRM for small business

1. Sales force web Hosted CRM
Salesforce CRM is compactible with business of all sizes with great customization features.

However, The most popular sales-force CRM used by most small businesses is the web Hosted salesforce CRM.

It is a web based service which integrates the application service provider model with cloud computing.

Salesforce pricing starts from $5 per 5 people per month with extra cost per additional features.

2. Infusionsoft
Infusionsoft is the leading small business CRM. It's designed primarily for small businesses.

Though, it requires time to set up and lot of learning, if properly leveraged, it will definitely Generate Return on investment.

It is a lead generation and marketing tool customized with premium features.

Infusionsoft is very expensive but good for established small businesses.

3. Netsuite
Netsuite is a CRM designed for small and medium enterprise. It doesn' t come preloaded with specific industry requirements.

It is designed with small businesses in mind. A cloud based service that can be accessed from any device.

It integrates the front desk activities with back end support data. It also has an eCommerce application that can track visitors.

4. Pipedrive
Pipedrive is exclusively designed for sales people. It ensures that sales campaign is directed to specific people( an example of customer segmentation that I said earlier).

Pipedrive is one of the simplest CRM to launch and customize.

Pipedrive mobile app makes it accessible on any device making it the best CRM for small businesses.

5. Insightly
Insightly  is a web or cloud based CRM that helps businesses not only to organize interaction with customers but also keep tracks of projects, leads and achievements.

It has social media integration and the mobile app makes it a perfect fits for small businesses.

It is available in free, basic, plus, professional and enterprise pack.

6. Apptivo
Apptivo is an ERP that is best for small businesses that wants all their products in one suite.

A cloud based  CRM that is both functionally rich and affordable. Its customization features, simplicity and ease of integration with Google app for work makes it one of the best crm for small businesses.

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