Friday, 8 January 2016

Top 5 Reasons to invest in Nigeria

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa and among the ten largest in the world. Population is a big strength to countries that can take advantage of it. China has been able to leverage on it large population. Investors can leverage on Nigeria's large population and create country specific products and service. Other reasons to invest in Nigeria are:

Large workforce
Unemployment rate is increasing daily not that people are not ready to work but there are few jobs. Hundreds of thousands are been added to the Labour market daily. Nigeria has one of the cheapest Labour cost and flexible Labour regulations.

Cheap raw material
Nigeria farming system is yet to develop to processing stage. Farm harvest is largely unprocessed while  some of the harvest got wasted as a result of lack of basic facilities like mobile freezer and storage facilities. Cocoa is still been exported unprocessed. These raw materials can be bought at a cheaper rate and processed.

Large market
Nigeria largely depended on imports. Items like pencil, toothpaste, water, fish etcetera. Huge local market and consumers.

Business Friendly Regulations
Nigeria has friendly business regulations compared to other companies. Company registration process is less strict. Low company income tax compared other countries.

Land of opportunities
Various sectors still remain largely untapped. Auto mobile, technology, solid minerals, FCMG etcetera.
Nigeria like most countries has it challenges; electricity issue, terrorism in the north east, insecurity, infrastructure decay. However, other businesses are growing. 


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