Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Recharge Card Printing Business: Complete Guide

http://tomax7.com/clients/images/pos007a.jpgHundreds of people are mis-informed about the recharge card printing business. Everyday, bloggers that has little or no experience in recharge card business writes about this business mis-informing the public. Even some website advertised the recharge card printing machine for ten-thousand naira or telling people to start recharge card printing business for ten thousand naira.

The Truth
Please kindly forget about any body telling you to start recharge card printing business with ten-thousand naira. They are scammers because even sub-dealers with five million naira can't print recharge card.
The minimum capital required to print recharge card is fifteen million naira. The capital alone is not enough, the aspiring dealer needs connection, reputation and verifiable integrity.
My advise is that for those that doesn't have up to that huge amount as startup capital should buy from the sub-dealers.
The sub-dealers gives good discount. The POS machine that is been sold to retailers around thirty-five thousand Naira is not recommended because the discount on the POS sales is very small. Ringo Telcom Ikeja has a VTU SIM that's integrates all the networt vouchers on SIM. However, it is not recommended  because the discount is also very small. I would advise that anyone intending to start the business as  a distributor should buy the cards from a sub-dealer.
Every business requires a specific skills.
Excellent Sales Skill,  Good relationship management and financial decipline are required.

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