Tuesday, 15 December 2015

In search of Nigeria's Silicon Valley

Silicon valley is a nickname for Southern portion of the San Francisco bay area, which is located  in part of the U.S State of California.  It is home to America's biggest tech giant like Google, Facebook, Intel corporation and home to thousands of tech start-up.
At silicon valley, it is permitted to fail as long as you try again. The silicon valley concept has lead to technological innovation across the world. Today silicon valley is known as high tech and innovation centre.

The question is where is Nigeria Silicon valley?
Some people may say Victoria Island. To me, this is a wrong answer because no moderate

start-up can survive at Victoria Island.
Yabacon valley or silicon lagoon is a nickname for the area of Yaba, the mainland part of Lagos, Nigeria. This area is already growing as Nigeria's technology hub and clusters of hundreds of banking institutions and start-up companies which steadily attracts lots of investors.

Currently, Yabacon valley is the closest to silicon valley in Nigeria. Hopefully, the valley will replicate the silicon valley model. We need start-up that can employ one hundred- thousand people in the next  ten to fifteen years.
America is making advancement in High internet technology, Germany and Japan in industry and China in online to offline leads(O2O). For Nigeria and Africa, the gap is still very wide.
Fortunately, there is prospect and market in every sector for tech start-up. However,  we can concetrate more on industry. Government should encourage more research in industry, interest Free loan and tax exemption for start-up for a specific period. Hopefully, Nigeria will be home to  high tech Companies that can make the entire world a better place.

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