Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How to keep new year's Resolutions: Practical Approach

Many people make new year resolutions but few can keep it. Halfway into the new year, people either forgot the resolution or discovered it's unrealistic. The question is why do people make resolution but can't keep it? I am passionate about making your plan work this new year.
Let look at reasons why new year resolution fail:
1. Unwritten resolution
2. Lack of foresight
3. Improper implementation and monitoring
4. Inability to take control

A new year plan could be about Savings, investment, staff management and income.
Successful companies and nations have budgets. What is the essence? Strategic direction. Imagine for a moment a nation without a plan or budget; no direction. The point is how can a new year resolution work?

1. Take control
What is the resolution? How do you plan to achieve the said target? what are the projected bottlenecks? How do you plan to overcome the bottlenecks?. Be analytical and look at all the sides assuming you are your own management consultant. Appreciate the fact that you are not perfect and might make minor errors but believed in your own abilities and be optimistic. Take full control of your income and add additional streams of income. Master system building and get others working for you.

 2. Review
Honest daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly review is vital to the realization of the new year plan. Observed all the strategies and stick to those that really worked.

3. Focus
Highly successful people are known for a particular product or service. The world seldom notice people that claimed to master everything. Concentration is key to achieving any desired plan. Imagine a team playing in a champions league; a little lost of concentration could be disastrous. 365 days makes one year; Assuming you sleep 7 hours in 24 hours for 365 days- by year end, you would have slept 106 days. Therefore, you have 259 days to make the resolution work. That is why focus is very essential in the new year.

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