Thursday, 31 December 2015

How I made my first Million from selling Recharge card

Few days ago, it became Crystal clear that me and my colleagues will be unemployed from early next year.

I worked for a company that employees over 800+ of us. We had worked here for three years, unfortunately the company said they can't afford our salary from next year again.

I was touched not because of me but because of colleagues. It seems they didn't see this coming.

My knowledge of entrepreneurship made me understand that there is no permanent job. Two years ago, I started my own business along with my full time job.

 I got few people working for me and the business is moving fine. I made up my mind to quit full time paid job in two months time. As destiny would have it, I was relieved earlier than that.

 I was very happy, smiling home When I got news of redundancy.

How I made my First million?
I cherished the experience and network I build while working. However, I am  happier because I have my own business. I started supplying recharge cards two years ago and from the business, I made my first million. I had since diversified.

I am writing this to advise someone. We were made to understand that there is a permanent job. Some people goes as far as calling it 'my job'.

It is same as calling some-one that works in a bank as 'a banker'-which some has been profiled to to believe. It is good to be the best in your office; however,  Your work is your own  business.

The biggest world economies are experiencing recession and few is growing(fragile growth).

Millions of workers will soon be  relieved of their jobs. As an advise to avoid been stranded; take calculated risk and start your own business today.

Recharge Card Business
Recharge card is a low risk high return business. However, few people are aware that they can be a millionaire by just selling recharge cards.

I would advise anyone that wants to become a mellonaire fast to consider low risk high return businesses.

Low risk high return business are those businesses with low profit margin but high demand.

The low profit margins is necessary for high sales. Unfortunately, people believes the low profit margins makes the business unprofitable.

Commercial Banks do millions of Recharge Card transactions daily via their ATM and other online platform makings millions in profit daily. However, the demand of physical voucher is still growing. Initially people thought the banks has taken recharge card business away from traditional voucher sellers. Based on my experience, it's false.

Recharge Card Business is a business that the owner wouldn't make any lost and the probability of selling every thing is 1.

However, it requires energy, dedication, Financial discipline, basic accounting skills and good negotiation skill

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