Monday, 7 December 2015

Four Must Read Books for every Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is anyone that can identifying opportunities or problems and providing innovative solution. The making of an entrepreneur is a complex process which entails lots of inspiration. Every entrepreneur has a story. ' the beginning, the source of inspiration'.
However, significant proportion of successful entrepreneurs has confessed that 'reading' is one of their main source of inspiration.
Entrepreneurship is a journey. I hereby, recommends these books for every start-up.

Poor Dad Rich Dad Financial quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
This book is more of both revolution and inspiration. A story of two influential people in his life. His real Dad was a director of a Government agency otherwise referred to as poor Dad and his mentor, a business man otherwise referred to as his Rich Dad. Millions of entrepreneurs testifies daily that this book is  their main source of inspiration. Personally, I was brought up in a family that believes that securing a paid job is the ultimate thing in life. During my service year, I read this book and everything about me changed. The income that some employees earned throughout their life is same with what some employers earn in a single day. This book has the capacity to change people's. Read this book and get inspired!

The Richest man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason
This book explained the importance of savings. Successfully entrepreneurs are savers. The book emphasized the need to save 10% of our income for reinvestment. This is crucial for personal financial management which is a core requirement for every entrepreneur. Read it and become wise!

How to win Friends and influence people by Dele Carnegie
This book  explained the importance of leadership. Every successful entrepreneurs are great leaders. Modern leadership in a civilian setup  is more of influence than authority. one of the secret of influencing people is to get involve in their problem. Effective communication with special emphasis on listening is another secret of winning and influencing people. Read it and become a great leader!

Think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
This book explained the power of the human mind. The mind is the greatest and most powerful tool available to human being. One can become rich simply by 'thinking'. Read it and become a wealthy person! 
Conclusively, there are other great entrepreneurship books, but I would recommend these for beginners.

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