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10 Most Marketable Vocational Skills in Lagos
Unemployment rate is increasing, companies are downsizing, and the previously permanent jobs is  now contract. People needs to learn vocational skills and become their own boss. There is always demand for these skills.

This is one of the most underrated skills. What is required to be successful is passion. Highly rated photographers charge as much as one hundred thousand naira  to cover a single event.
This is above the average salary of a graduate in Nigeria.

Graphic Design
A good graphic artist can be self employed or work as an employee. What is required is passion and creativity. This is one of the most wanted skills by companies.
Goods caterers gain full employment before graduating from catering school. This is one of the most wanted skills. All that is required is to locate a good catering school and enrol.
Beads Making
The demand for this skill is highest in the fashion industry. Though the market is already saturated in lagos,  professionals that are good at this skill are always busy
Tailoring and Fashion design
Good tailors always have enough job. Though it might require longer time to master this skill effectively, those that are passionate about it always stick to it. It requires lot of creativity.
This is one of the most wanted skills in the oil and Gas industry. Professional Pipeline welders and fabricators are always happy because of the  huge pay check.
Multi-media Editing and Video Coverage
Otherwise referred to as virtual graphics.
This skill is required most in the movie industry, Religious houses, Event coverage and many more.
Most Company requires professional Drivers. This is one of the most wanted skills in lagos.
Shoe Making
Almost everyone spend money on their footwear. It implies that the demand for professional shoe makers will always be on the rise. This work requires some innovation.
Language Translation
profession language translators always has jobs especially people that can speak other international language like French.

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