Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Basic steps to make your idea work idea is a thought or collections of thoughts that is generated in the mind. Mostly an outcome of brainstorming and discussion but also can be created unintentionally.

We are living in an era that most things came into being by the power of the mind. Though, previously not appreciated, the birth of big companies like Facebook, Google, Alibaba and the rest. Idea is now the most celebrated concept.

Hundreds of ideas is generated by great minds daily but couldn’t see the light of the day. Successful implementation is the main challenge.

Ways to make an idea work

Good planning

Many people filled with joy after generating fantastic idea jumped into implementation without planning. Successful entrepreneur actually forecast accurately the outcome of any venture. The first step is putting the idea on paper, finding out if the idea is entirely  new or an improvement to an existing one. Specify the problem that the idea will solve, generate consumer insight and leads and specify alternative course of action.

Anticipation of challenges

 Successful entrepreneurs are architect of their own idea. Every good thing comes with its challenges. Therefore, the ability to predict and provide alternative course of action is crucial to the survival of the idea. Having an analytical mind is key.


Concentration is important to the survival of any task. People often get distracted when performing vital task. During the implementation, make it compulsory to concentrate. Discipline is vital achieving this.


Great companies today are actually great because of their ability to persist even in a pessimistic situation. Don’t start if you are convinced that you wouldn’t end it. Starting means it must work. People actually quit because of challenges. 

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