Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Qualities of successful Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is essential to national growth and development. Every nation requires employers and solutions centric individuals.

Entrepreneurs and innovators are rare set of people. Almost all universities and colleges prepare students to become best employees. However, few school has entrepreneurship in their curriculum.

Therefore, Entrepreneurs takes personal steps to become who they are. A result of risk, focus, determination, failure, improvement.

Some Entrepreneurs are made while others are born.  Either born or made; for decades, successful entrepreneurs behaves in a similar way

Mind their business
Capitalist seldom concerns themselves with non profitable activities nor keep friends that doesn't contribute to their goals. 

Self confidence
Often viewed as proud. Successful entrepreneurs are inventors, champions of their own vision unlike unsuccessful people who are great idealist but lacks the self confidence to launch their ideas until they see someone else making headway  with it. 

People seldom predict entrepreneur's next move because they are people of few words. They knows the outcome from the beginning, identify bottlenecks, open- minded and have alternative plan of action.

Reading for leading. Successful entrepreneur are  readers and researchers. Unsuccessfully people read what doesn't matters while successful people knows what to read, how to read and the purpose of reading.

From Bill Gate of Microsoft to Aliko Dangote of Dangote group to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Successfully Entrepreneurs are cheerful givers.

Leadership is not authority, leadership is influence. Successful Entrepreneur are Often viewed as natural leaders because of their ability to get people behind them without force. Leadership qualities is developed over time, hence, successful entrepreneur are great leaders.

Successful entrepreneurs can do many things at a time. However, most of them are focus minded. 'One thing at a time'.

Analytical doesn't necessarily requires mathematical ingenuity. However, an analytical mind is ready to learn, open to other options, statistically sound.


Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas or improvement to old one. Most successful entrepreneurs are creative and innovative.

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