Friday, 27 November 2015

How the proper mix of the 3 r’s of customer service can create loyal customers 
As brands become more human, leading brand consistently seeks new ways of engaging their Customers. The Focus is not only about improved customer’s experience but also delivering on the brand promise. Understanding the three r’s of customer service is crucial to any brand.

The 3 r’s of Customer Service


Respect is important to the continuity of any relationship. Therefore, companies need to set clear rules of engagement with both internal and external customers.


Brand ought to take responsibility for product and service deviations or failure. Customers believed in the brand but what is the company’s reaction to complaints by their esteemed customers? Compensation for inconvenience and ensuring that the query is timely resolved.


A responsible brand should be able to deliver on brand’s promise; process should be put in place to ensure full refund.

A proper mix of the three r’s should results in the following

Every business aims to create new customers and retain them.  Retention is measured by return buy and net promotion score(recommendation by a satisfied customer). A satisfied customer is a retained customer. The 3 r's of customer service aimed to create relationship, trust and retention.

Repeated sales 
A satisfied customer automatically become a brand ambassador and loyalist. Marketing brings a customer to the door step of a shop while excellent customer service and customer satisfaction makes a loyal customer.

Referral by customers
One satisfied customer could bring in ten new customers. The 3 r' s of customer service if properly executed could increase net promoter's score.

conclusively,  Respect, Responsility and Refund equal Retention, Repeated sales and referral.

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