Monday, 23 November 2015

5 Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs 

Successful Entrepreneurs are driven by the passion and determination to solve problems, make business process seamless, create innovative products. 

Entrepreurship is a journey that only has a begining without an end. These are the basic skills required for beginners.

Every successfully entrepreneur from Steve Jobs  of Apple, Aliko Dangote of Dangote group and Robert Kiyosaki the author of poor dad Rich dad has something in common. They are excellent sales persons. Building a great business requires a great team, part of the team is the sales unit. 

What is sales? Simply put, sales is getting people to part with their money in exchange for goods or services.

A sales person must  master how to close deals. A business owner might not directly be a member of the sales unit but he/she has the original idea, owners ought to master how to get people to subscribe to their ideas, products or services.

Excellent Customer Service
An entrepreneur ought to master the science of service excellence. Customer centric is the new paradigm both for small and medium scale enterprise and companies. 

Building a relationship with customers guarantee continuous patronage in a strict competitive environment, hence, Customers are now the brand ambassadors.

Book Keeping and Basic Accounting
Accounting  is key to the success of every business. 

An entrepreneur though not expected to be a professional accountant, is required to master the basic accounting skills.

 Credit and Debit, asset and liability, profit and loss and Income and expense.

Successful teams have one thing in common. A 'great leader'. A leader inspires, influence, encourage and reward excellence.

 Modern leaders sees beyond the present. In fact, they are the grand strategist. No organisation has excel beyond the qualities of their leaders. 

A look at the top 100 brands that has existed for 100+ year shows that a good leader might not necessarily be charismatic. 

Good Negotiations Skill
Buying and selling is crucial to any entity.
For those that can sale should as well learn how to buy. Good negotiations skills is very crucial to any entrepreneur.

These are the basic skills required to start most business. Other skills can be acquired in the long term as a personal drive for self improvement.

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