Monday, 23 November 2015

Top Five Benefits Of Keeping Your Day Job As You Launch Your Business 
Many employees with sufficient capital to start a business couldn't because of time factor. A colleague came for advise recently. He wants to start a business because he is tired of his job and wants to quit. He has written his resignation letter but after asking the necessary questions, I observed that he is not prepared to run a full- time business yet. I advice him to do his paid job along with his new business. He came thanking me months later.
Let look at the benefit of doing a full time paid  job with  your own business.
Financial Security
Having a business  independently from your paid job ensure steady flow of income. This is crucial for start-up because personal bills will be paid from the  income generated from the  full time job. Imagine if all your bills are paid from the small start-up, some small business actually collapsed due to that.

Working as a customer care representative for a multinational while running my business improved my entrepreneurship skills.  I am able to become a market leader in strict competitive environment. My experience helped me to master my marketing strategy 'relationship' building. Yours may not be customer service l,  you can  incorporate your experience into your business.

Time Management
Schedule adherence  is required by any successfully employee. Same to personal business. Good time management skills is required to run a start-up 

Psycological Freedom
Employees are actually scared of losing their job, their only source of income. This has psychological implications. The fear of how  to pay the bills rated most. However, with additional stream of income, the fear is minimal if not zero

A structured office environment facilitates lot of network. Several good relationship start from the office. This is crucial because start-up might requires capital and other information.

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