Monday, 23 November 2015

Four Fastest growing business in Lagos, Nigeria 

Planning to start a business in lagos? here are four areas to look into:

Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria. Hundreds of people migrate to Lagos daily to hustle. One area that demand is above supply is transportation. Thousands of people are stranded everyday because vehicles are inadequate. someone can be a solution in this regards. All that is required is a model, be it tricycle, taxi, bus model, success is sure!

Restaurant Business
With the rate of hustle in Lagos, residents spend significant percentage of their income on food. Starting a restaurant  business could be a step in the right direction. This requires some strategies and skills. Location is key, excellent customer service skill and good hygiene etc

Food supply
Experienced suppliers living in other states but supply foods items like Yam, Garri, onions,  and other food items to Lagos sometime keep wondering if all the supplies are actually consumed in lagos. Some of them complained that Lagos consume much.

Sales of phone accessories
Mobile network penetration is 100% in lagos. 95% of the resident own a mobile phone with over 40% of them with two phone each. Sales of mobile phone accessories doesn't require huge capital. Return on investment is huge. Most of the phone accessories can be bought for resale from Alaba international market.

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